workplace transformation facilitation

Create a place where people can’t wait to work every day.


Meeting Facilitation

Lisa Whited is a master facilitator and trained mediator. Whether facilitating a conversation of three c-suite executives or a roomful of 200 community members, she balances personal reflection, small group face-to-face conversation and large group discussion with grace, humor and ease, so that people are included and heard. Using online collaboration technology, coupled with old-fashioned face-to-face discussion, the result is authentic engaging conversation in minimal time.

Change Management

We use our knowledge of group dynamics coupled with our education in change management to outline a process that involves your employees from day-one of any proposed change. Most people freak out when they hear the c-word – and change is even more threatening when it occurs in our workplaces, where our identities are so closely tied to our work. Our process not only eases the acceptance of the coming change, but also results in people being more engaged after the change has occurred.

workplace design + Architecture

Often (but not always) our facilitation and change management process results in a physical architectural transformation. Whether we lead the design process, or we collaborate with a separate architectural or design firm, we understand the dynamics and requirements of today’s workplace, including Activity-based work, agile work, and remote work. Our workplaces can result in up to 30% less physical space, allowing resources to be spent on higher quality amenities including acoustics, technology and wellness.


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