Community Meetings, Workshops, Strategic Planning, Vision Clarification or Focus Groups

These are just a few of the types of gatherings we facilitate. If you want to have an audience authentically engage in a healthy discussion, work through a process, and know what their action steps are upon leaving a meeting - we can help. We use a combination of personal individual reflection and an online meeting facilitation tool coupled with good old fashioned face-to-face conversations to create welcoming environments where mindless meetings are a thing of the past. 

What participants say

“Your process put us on a track that allowed us to accomplish more in one year than we had in the previous three.”

“You provided us with an incredible day through your guided thinking and planning process. A great balance of technology/discussion/breaks/breakouts. My mind was fully engaged the entire time which is practically impossible! Thank you!!”

 “Superb facilitation, good tools, had us focusing in on what’s important. Very inclusive communication skills.”

“Engaged everyone, listened very purposefully, laid out each exercise very well, accomplished the work we needed to in an efficient and engaging manner!”

“You made covering an aggressive agenda fun and engaging – time flew by!”



Let’s talk!

Often the difference between a ho-hum meeting and an all-out meeting boils down to facilitation. Do I feel heard? Are the objectives clear? Did I connect with others in an authentic way? Did I leave the meeting with more energy than I arrived? If you want people yearning for more time together - in a meeting setting, no less - let’s talk!