Reframing Work

I just sat down to read the attention-grabbing  Fast Company article, Work is Bullshit: The Argument for “Anti-Work”, wondering if it was something that WTF could get behind, since we are all about redefining the workplace and work itself.

The “Maine work ethic” was instilled in me at a young age. Even after we moved out of Aroostook County to live in Portland when I was young, my parents would have my sister and brother and I return every fall to pick potatoes on my grandfather’s farm.

I admit I was little and mostly remember rolling around in barrels in the mud, but my older siblings – and certainly my father – can share stories of back-breaking labor to fill one barrel, which was worth about fifty cents when he was a kid. Thus, a strong work ethic is part of my legacy.

However, this article about antiwork resonates – especially knowing how much work has changed over the last fifty years. Is the full-time traditional job endangered? In the future, will work be more like a collection of eclectic projects that resonate with us, versus one J.O.B. or career?

I’d love to hear what you think about reframing “work”…

Lisa Whited