The Lasting Impact of Positivity & Vision: Remembering Mike Scarks

A wonderful man and client for more than 25 years, Michael Scarks died suddenly last week at age 61. Mike had an enormous heart – to match his stature of 6′-7″ – and a megawatt smile. He was positive and visionary – one of the best combinations in a leader.

Whenever I saw Mike I could count on a hug – my head barely hitting the middle of his chest as he towered a full 16″ over me. In recent years I enjoyed working with his son, Stefan, who inherited the same positive outlook as his dad. Stefan shared with the Portland Press Herald that his dad had said to him, “You can only look back and see how much you have improved your life and those around you.” Stefan added, “He was always great at keeping that focus. What’s the end goal here? He had a focus and a drive that was really unshakable and inspiring.”

Mike Scarks’ vision for positive change and big heart did so much for Portland and Maine. A tremendous loss to our community.

To read more about Mike’s story, check out the Portland Press Herald feature article.

image credit: Portland Press Herald

Lisa Whited