The WTF Revolution


I remember singing the opening refrain to the Beatles’ “Revolution” at the top of my lungs. I gripped a wooden Lincoln log as a microphone, stood on my best friend, Joanne’s, brick hearth in her basement and belted out, “You say you want a revolution. Well you know, we all want to change the world!” 

That is what the WTF Revolution is about – changing the world in a way that uses my true strengths and talents. My expertise and passion is creating world class work environments for everyone, or anyone who wants to be happier. And since collaboration is how innovation truly happens, I have also assembled an awesome team of partners.

The WTF team includes people with expertise in social science research, brand strategy, graphic design, change management, strengths finder coaching, leadership training, architecture, interior design and construction management. Our approach is holistic: we look at a company from the inside out – understanding the culture, clarifying the organizational vision, setting the internal and external brand, and enrolling all employees in the process of change and design. It is a tested approach that transforms organizations, people and places. 

Ideal WTF clients have strong leadership, an inclusive culture, highly engaged people, and want to transform how they work. If that sounds like your organization, then please get in touch and let’s get to work on changing the world!

Lisa Whited