Want To Build an Amazing Work Culture? Start With Your Future Employees.

The Kepware Engineering Lab located on the University of Maine, Orono (UMO) campus is a testament to Kepware’s attention to culture. A long-time supporter of UMO’s top-notch engineering program, Kepware, an international software development company, invested in creating a classroom unlike any other on the campus. Kepware’s vibrant and energetic office has stand-up meeting spaces and workspaces throughout. Kepware’s leadership wanted to not only express the dynamic energy of their company, but share their stand-up-culture in the classroom. The result is a space that students love – within a short time the “Kepware Lab” has become a place where students like to go and camp out when they have a ton of pressing work to do. “I like it in here and I get a lot done,” shared one student. Kepware has quickly established its presence at UMO: students are well aware of the work Kepware does and know who has gone on to work there in some capacity. Want the creme of the crop beating a path to your door? Pay attention to the culture you are creating beyond your own office walls.

For more on the Kepware Lab, check out our slideshow: http://bit.ly/1pmyxJo

Lisa Whited