WTF? A Summit. In Winter. In Maine?

This Friday, I am convening the Workplace Transformation partners team here in Portland, Maine for the First Annual WTF Summit! This powerhouse group represents a 360 degree view of the disciplines focused on workplace culture and design, from project management and architecture, to behavioral science, brand strategy, research, and design.

Why bring 13 people together during the coldest winter in New England? To make a ruckus, of course! This Summit is an opportunity to clarify our organizational vision, find opportunities through collaboration, and discover ways we can better help companies truly design workspaces and cultures that inspire people to think big and do big things. WTF’s core values of being creative and challenging assumptions drive everything we do, so we will challenge each other to say what we need to hear, not what we want to hear. And of course, we will use a lot of whiteboard space throughout the process!

Check out the profiles for each of our WTF collaborators – you will get a great feel for our deep bench of talent and the tremendous character of each individual!


Lisa Whited