We spend more time at work than we do sleeping in our own bed.


Yet, most people are not inspired or engaged in their work. The Gallup Poll has been measuring people’s engagement at work for more than 15 years. And, for 15 years the needle has not moved: only 13% of employees worldwide are happy at work. Yet, we spend more time in our lifetime working than we do sleeping in our own bed! We use change (be it organizational, physical, IT, or any other type of change you can dream up) as an opportunity to engage your employees in a conversation early-on so they feel HEARD. With minimal time on their part, and expert facilitation on our part, we can help you create a place where your current employees can’t wait to show up every single day. Recruitment and retention will be easier, allowing you to transform your culture from pretty good to really awesome!

Using our understanding of group dynamics and change management, we have established a streamlined process that engages employees, transforms cultures, and results in highly efficient and effective workplace environments. Did we mention we can save you money on real estate as well? Oh, yes, chances are up to 30% less space than what you currently occupy. (Shhh – don’t tell the real estate brokers – this point can really bum them out.)

Often (but not always) our facilitation and change management process results in a physical architectural transformation. Whether we lead the design process, or we collaborate with a separate interior design, architecture or engineering firm, we understand the dynamics and requirements of today’s workplace, including Activity-Based Work (ABW), Agile Work, and Remote Work. WTF-designed workplaces can result in up to 30% less physical space, allowing resources to be spent on higher quality amenities including acoustics, technology and wellness.

We know you have your day-to-day business to deal with, and often a physical move or renovation adds stress to already-busy people. We have planned more than one million square feet of space, worked with thousands of employees, and know how to make change easier for you. We have years of experience facilitating conversations with CEO’s and business leaders to help them clarify their strategic business objectives. Why does this matter? Because the most effective transformations are directly tied to organizational vision and strategy. All that said, the most important reason to work with wtf is because we LOVE what we do and we believe in the power of your people to transform their work environments.


Featured Photo: James Salomon