Patrons Oxford, previously located in Auburn, Maine, determined they needed to move closer to Portland to recruit and retain the talent needed to support their growing company. WTF collaborated with Scott Simons Architects to design a new 20,000 square foot building in the Portland Technology Park.

We worked with Patrons’ employees from the very beginning – issuing our WTF Workplace (Pre-Design) Environment – and conducting numerous workshops, including our Culture Workshop, and Vision Clarification. The results of our work informed the size and configuration of the new building. Many long-term employees had concerns not just about a new working environment, but also about relocating from Auburn to Portland. Fear of workplace change takes many forms. Our work with Patrons included not just the physical workplace layout and interior design, but also encompassed working with management to consider new approaches to connect and engage employees. Patrons recognized the opportunity to shift their culture with their new building and embraced the process.


Photography by James Salomon