WTF Resources

Below are free resources we created over the years and want to share.

The WTF Venn Diagram represents the WTF philosophy: the intersection of vision (Leadership) + people (HR) + space (Facilities) is the sweet spot of our work (and it is orange, to boot!) We believe all three aspects need to be considered in order to transform cultures.

The WTF Office Hacks contains 10 easy things you can implement today to make your work better.

The WTF Headline Exercise is something we have used with so many organizations, communities and individuals over the years that it just seemed right to post it here for anyone to access if they’d like. Whether you are clarifying your personal vision for your own life, or establishing goals for your company, start-up, department or non-profit, we think you will enjoy using the Headline exercise.

Featured Photo: James Salomon